July 21, 2024 2:04 am

John L. Micek: Dominion Over the Earth? Who Were We Kidding? What the Wildfires Teach Us | Opinion

On Wednesday, with much of the Eastern Seaboard cloaked in dense smog from wildfires raging hundreds of miles away across the Canadian border, all those historic sites you learned about in sixth grade social studies class were still visible – but the dense haze, and the glare from the sunlight bouncing off of it, also was impossible to miss.

The Ugly Side of Beauty: Chemicals in Cosmetics Threaten College-Age Women’s Reproductive Health

When you walk through the personal care aisles of your local store, you likely see dozens of products that promise to soften your skin, make you smell better, extend your lashes, decrease wrinkling, tame your curly hair, or even semi-permanently change the color of your lips, hair or skin.